What’s this obsession with peaches and pugs and all that jazz? It’s not really an obsession to be fair, it’s more of a representation of who we are and what we do.

Pug&Peach is about growth, specifically of the digital type. It is about walking hand in hand with our customers, understanding their needs and their wants and expanding their opportunities to the maximum. It is about helping them create a digital presence worthy of their efforts and a distinguishable image. 

We did not want to give the impression of being unreachable and excessively corporate. We wanted to portray our commitment to achieve objectives and what better way to do this than having a tough looking pug as our mascot! Pugs are loyal companions, to be exact, they follow their owner everywhere and anywhere. They are stern looking and hard headed, but they have a super mushy soft core that melts your heart. We are like that, we look at challenges with a determined stern look but in reality, we are approachable and down to earth.

Our backgrounds are varied, which makes us able to tackle different scenarios with different perspectives. That’s where the peach makes an appearance. If we had to choose a fruit which represents us, it’s definitely it. The velvety skin, the super juicy and sweet pulp is us through and through. Once you take a bite through a ripe peach, you have to just close your eyes and savour each and every sweet second. There’s obviously a but here.. the hard core. Giving up is not an option, and if a peach can be so sweet and flavoursome yet have a hard rock core, so can we and so can you!

Enough with analogies, you now know who we are and what we do. We are eager to know who YOU are and HOW we can be your loyal companion in your digital journey.

A chat over coffee and cake sounds great, don’t you think? Fill in your details and we’ll get in touch!

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