Social media is simple, right? Find an image, write a few words et voila.

Magic done. Is it? No? NO!

Whilst some old school minds may still think (poor them!) that social media is just some platform for millennials to waste their time on, 3.2 billion are subscribed to one of the popular platforms, with 11 new sign ups every single second. Let us take a moment to absorb the reality check that numbers provide so effectively.

Here is where our expertise comes in.

How does one attract the desired slice of the pie which is relevant to you and your business? It requires skill and study. It requires thorough know how of your desired customer; what they like, what they look for, which platform they use, what kind of content do they engage with, the time they engage most.. the list is endless. We like to call such a process ‘social stalking.’ All the information one can collect on a buyer’s persona is what will make your future campaigns and efforts successful. It is the only way to spend your money wisely and effectively.

Now, it obviously does not stop there.

The beautiful part of digital is that every single bit of data you obtain is real time. This means that unlike a few years ago, a campaign can be tweaked to improve performance whilst campaign is still ongoing. One can also test a few images and content formats in order to understand better what triggers engagement.

Social media has destroyed barriers of entry such as accessibility and cost. Social media has changed the dynamics of marketing and advertising. It has turned one way communication into a multi channeled performance where everyone can be your voice, a content creator and have access to the sky and stars.

If this is not enough to convince you about social media management’s importance…

Then consider this. Social media management is like that ingredient which you add to the cake to make it rise. It is like the frothy, sweet milk on top of a somewhat average coffee. It is the lacquer given to that lovely piece of furniture prior to be delivered to its owner. In addition, you get statistics too. Real time statistics which when analysed and interpreted by a professional, will double your return on investment. It will increase exponentially traffic to your website and your reach.

Orchestrated social media platforms are what you require and Pug & Peach™ will offer you a nice glass of peach juice whilst you can enjoy the sound of your perfectly in tune symphony. Drop us a message and we will turn talk into facts. Facts that belong to you.