Combining expertise and knowledge arising from different walks of life which, when put together all contribute to achieve a concerted display of colourful fireworks, the latter in celebration of achieving objectives pre-set with your business.

Denise Sultana
Denise SultanaFounder & Digital Marketing Specialist
The Master Mind behind Pug & Peach™.

Special Interests: Strategy, social Media campaigns, content creation, creative writing and following Instagram profiles of pugs.

Favourite Digital Platform: Facebook

Why Digital Marketing? It is a parallel world which provides an opportunity even to the smallest of businesses, it only requires someone who is able to manage the available resources to the max.

Favourite quote: “Play by the rules, but be ferocious.” Phil Knight


David Grech
David GrechBusiness Development Consultant
Special Interests: Strategic Innovation, Blue vs Red Ocean Strategy and Sauvignon Blanc tasting

Why Business Development: It is highly satisfying to be able to turn a business’ aims and objectives into reality and to be able to think outside the box and offer opportunities which one would have never imagined possible.

Favourite quote: Life is really simple but we insist on making it complicated, Confucius.

Emma Asciak
Emma AsciakGraphic Designer
Special Interest: adverts, getting a Brand’s story and bringing it to life, logo design, editorial design and super sharp winged liner!

Favorite Digital Platform: Facebook

Why the digital arts: It is a modern combination of tradition and technology, allowing one to have no limits of expression.

Favourite Quote: In the eyes of a dreamer it all begins with one thought.